Over half of Instagram users say that they have discovered new products on Instagram and over 200 million Instagrammers visit at least one business page on a daily basis, according to Instagram statistics. Which means, this is the place you want to be to market to a larger scaled audience. 

Step One: Setting up your Instagram Page


Begin by going to or click HERE to sign up, and create an account.

You will see the sign up box pop up, fill out all required fields and Click > Sign up


To customize your new Instagram, Click on the >  profile icon here:


Your profile will appear on a larger scale, and you will see the button to edit your profile, Click > Edit


Next, you will have access to your account details, where you can add your logo to your profile picture, choose a business username, which should be your new domain name, link your website, and even add a short Bio. The Bio is great space to either write, "Coming Soon!", or even add a business mission statement. 

Once you have included all of your business details, Click > Submit


Step Two: Networking & Engaging with Target Audience

Now that you have your business page setup , it is time to start growing your audience.

To begin, you will type in a key word ( no more than 1-2 words, that is related to your niche) in the search bar, located at the top of the screen.  It will look like this:


For example, if your website is geared towards selling art, some keywords you might consider are; artist, art, painting, or perhaps even an artists name. 

Once you type in your key word that is related to your business niche, you will see a drop down menu appear with options for specific pages, or a # symbol before your keyword.

Click on the > #(keyword) 

This will bring up a hundreds of images, in which you can engage in their posts, and follow to improve your brand recognition and grow your target audience. To network individually on a post, you will Click > on the image you want to like or comment on like this for example:

( We used the word #puppy )


As you can see in the image above, many images pop up that anyone used the '#' sign and tagged it as #puppy. 

Next you Click > on the image you want to network with and the image will pop up like this: 


In the image above, you will see the three places in which you can engage with this post; by following the page, liking the image, or leaving a comment. All of which are beneficial to increasing brand recognition, and growing your network reach on Instagram. 


Step Three: Instagram for Desktop

If you haven't yet downloaded the Desktop application for Instagram, please do that first by Clicking > Here

Once you have that done, you will then see the Chrome extension added to the top right of


your desktop browser like this:


Click on the              button and you will see this appear:


Once you select an option, you will see the mobile version of Instagram appear on your desktop like this:

































(The images that appear will vary, based on the pages you have followed so far )

MENU Breakdown:








 This button will take you back to your 'Home page ', which is your news feed. Your news feed shows all the images that are shared by the pages that you currently follow. 


 The Search button will help you to search for your pages to network with by typing in your keyword. It will also allow you to explore other pages / photos that you might be interest in, based on your previous search results.


 The square with the plus sign in it, represents how to Add an image to create a post on your Instagram profile. When you are ready to post images of your own, such as; Product images, Grand Opening Ads, or Product Promotional Ads, you can click that to upload your image.


 This heart symbol represents your profile activity. Once you begin to post, you will notified here, when someone likes, or comments, on photos that you have shared, or tags you in a post. You will also be notified here when someone new has started to follow your page. 


 This person symbol represents your profile. You can click there to view your profile, where you will be able to see the photos that you have shared, as well as your business logo and Bio.

We recommend daily networking on Instagram to maximize results and reaching a consistent stream of users on a daily basis.