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Here is the step by step instructions on how to import products to your site using Make sure to ask your coach for help setting up you free shopmaster account and connecting it to your Shopify.

Creating New eBay Account

(only if you do NOT already have an existing account)

Start off by creating an account


1 . Go to and create a FREE account

2. Connect your shopify account by entering the name of your business and your store name (this is the name of your shopify right before and click connect on the bottom right corner.

3. Next you will want to visit the chrome web store Here to download the shopmaster extension to easily import products.

Now you're ready to import products to your Shopify store!

1. First you will want to go to one of the many sites shopmaster supports to import your products related to your niche (i.e.,,, etc.). In the search bar on these sites you will type 1-2 keywords on the products in your niche.

Up next, you will connect your eBay account to your now installed sales channel.

Click > Connect


Start off by visiting and register a new business account here

It will look like this ( see below )

Next, Choose a username

( Typically the name of your website )

Complete the address and phone number form

( see example below )

Lastly, Verify your account by receiving text message and entering pin number on desktop

( see example below )

Fill out ALL the information pertaining your legal registration as a business owner

MOST of you will be registered as an Individual

If you do have a registered LLC name, you will enter that information here:

(see example below)

At the bottom, you will choose the total value of inventory. Select 500k - 1,000,000.00

Note that this is not the amount of your expected income, but the amount of value in inventory that you will be listing. Roughly 500 products will equate to this amount. 

On the next step, you will choose the method of payment.  Primarily many business owners choose Paypal.

Choose to > Continue to Paypal

This will open up a new window for you to fill out all of your information on Paypal.

If you do not have an account, click > here to set one up

Otherwise, once you have filled out Paypal information, Click > I agree to allow Shopify Access

Begin on Shopify and Create a New Collection Just for eBay 

First begin by creating a > New Collection, separate from your website, that will be specific to the products you will want to sell on eBay. 

Title your new Collection: eBay

Change your Collection Type > to Manuel

Click > Save

Click > Apps

Click > Oberlo

Adding Products From Oberlo That Comply With eBay Standards


A new window will open up your Oberlo App, where you can either enter a keyword of specific products you are searching for select a category.

Next, you will need to add a filter, so that products coming from Oberlo will be based out of US Warehouses, which will ensure shorter shipping times.  (See below)

Once you change the filter to US Warehouse, you will see a huge drop in available products. However, the products that are left, are sure to have faster shipping times, which have been proven to potentially increase buyers.

Next, with the remaining products, you will Click > Add to Import List

 ( Note: Oberlo allows you to import up to 500 products without having to upgrade your account)

It is recommended to choose products from all sorts of different categories when choosing what products to list on eBay.

Adjusting Shipping

Also, you will want to change the Shipping Method to USPS ( see below)

Sorting Products By Popularity and Price Point

When sorting through thousands, or even hundreds of products, you also have the option to choose in which way you sort through products. Click > Orders Count to view popular and trending products OR Click > Highest price to increase profit value. ( see below)

OR Adjust based on Highest Price

Get To Know The Product Statistics

Notice the number of imports, as well as the amount of times the product has been ordered. ( see below ) 

Importing Products to eBay Collection

Once you have spent some time choosing products and near your limit of 500,

Click > Import List

Next, Choose your collection by clicking in the box and Click > eBay

How To Price Your Products To Sell

One of the benefits of using Oberlo, is that they offer a price comparison of other businesses selling this product, and the average they are selling it for. Which you can use their recommendation and Click to set the price at that value.

However, we do recommend doing a quick search on eBay for this product, to find a more accurate price point state wide. In which case you will set a new value manually ( see blue highlighted price )  erase the compared at price to be closer to the price you are finding elsewhere. 

Next, manually change the price you will be selling the product for ( see below )

Secondary Pricing Option

Choosing to set a fixed amount to choose to increase your product by. For example, choosing to increase your product price by 140%, to ensure you always make a at least 30% (after eBay takes out their 10%  fee) In this case adding the cost amount + shipping amount = ______ x .4 = your price to sell the product for.




Lastly, Click > Import to Store

The Final Import 

Connecting Products From Your eBay Shopify Collection To Your New eBay Sales Channel To List Them On eBay


Begin by first verifying that the products you have selected to import, are all in your eBay Collection.

eBay will map the items that you have selected, which will assist in selecting categories that help buyers find your products. Once it is complete, Click > 

Pause here

Before clicking on Review and Publish

Click > eBay on your Sales channel to make a few adjustments first

Click on > Sync Settings

Change the Maximum eBay quantity to > 2 or 3

(see below)

On this same page, Also check the box Titled > Automatically unpublish eBay listings that are out of stock on Shopify.

Next, you will want to change the Business Policies 

Next, you will Click on > Shopify Shipping Policy

Click > Edit to make changes to the Shipping Method

You will change Shipping Service to > Economy Shipping

It is recommended to also charge a flat shipping rate of $2.50, also adding a $1.00 shipping fee for each additional item on the order.

Also, find the button that says > 

towards the bottom of the page, and select all the countries outside of the U.S. that you do not want to have to ship too, due to increased shipping rates, and shipping time.

Next, you will Click back on the eBay Sales Channel button to view your Status on Published products. Click on the number of products to view them

Select all the products, Click > Actions and Click > Publish to eBay

Note: You are able to publish 30 products at a time, so depending on how many products you have, you may have to do this a few times.

Click > Save and Publish

To verify that all of your selected products have been properly published, you may login to your eBay account, Click > My eBay then Click > Selling and you will see the products that you selected, now listed there.

Congratulations! Your Products are now Published on your eBay store.

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